Flavor Innovation Report

Nielsen’s Flavor Innovation study shows how marketers can increase trial for new food products by optimizing their ‘anticipated taste’ with consumers.


Nielsen found that consumer perceptions of flavors are highly flexible; flavors which at first sound uninteresting become more tempting when combined with other ingredients. Additionally, some brands own certain flavors in the minds of consumers, allowing them to capitalize on food innovations other brands could never pull off.

What you will learn:

  • Flavor combinations can fuel breakthrough products: While individual ingredients may have limited appeal, when paired with others flavors the potential for a breakthrough grows exponentially.
  • “Flavor Focused” line extensions drive growth: Launching food line extensions come with the risk of cannibalizing sales for existing products. But, products with aggressive flavors can create enough differentiation to attract new consumers.
  • “Local flavors” not what locals want: Consumers are intrigued by flavors that are not widely-ingrained in their local heritage.
  • Certain brands own certain flavors: Not all brands can own and offer a flavor combination with equal success.