We help companies, like yours, systemically achieve better results from the product, advertising and design ideas they bring to market.


Affinnova is the technology platform of choice for companies seeking to dramatically improve their innovation and marketing success rates. Powered by Affinnova’s optimization algorithms and predictive analytics and insights, marketers can explore a substantially wider creative space of product, advertising and design ideas, quickly identifying which will perform best in the market.


Traditional tools and techniques force trade-offs between creative exploration and accurate prediction. Marketers either have to suppress creativity in order to reliably analyze one or two ideas. Or, they work through complex processes with long cycle times that still end in sub-optimal execution and high failure rates.


By contrast, Affinnova’s technology platform fully unleashes the power of creativity through a combination of collaboration, optimization and predictive analytics. To start with, Affinnova’s collaboration software empowers teams to fully explore their ideas and create a rich space of product, advertising or design possibilities. The resulting creative space, often representing millions of alternatives, is processed by patented evolutionary algorithms that use individual and collective consumer feedback to find the optimal concepts or executions. These are then measured against competitive benchmarks to predict performance and provide actionable business insights.


Extensive Applicability

Affinnova’s technology platform can be applied to a broad range of creative executions, including product concept development, product packaging, communication strategy, traditional/digital advertising, web/mobile site design and store design. Our solutions have been transformative for both large and mid-sized enterprises across a number of industries including consumer packaged goods, life sciences, financial services, retail and e-commerce and consumer electronics.

Impact and Results

Based on third party revenue data, products created from Affinnova-optimized concepts perform 4.4x better in market relative to the category average. When compared to other products launched by the same company, Affinnova-optimized products still perform almost twice as well. (Get more information on Affinnova’s proven results here.) Empowered by the consistency and reliability of our results, an increasing number of Fortune 500 organizations have adopted our technology as the foundation of their innovation and creative evaluation processes.

Company Stats

  • One of the fastest growing marketing technology companies in the world
  • 500% revenue growth rate over the past five years
  • Offices in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Switzerland and Singapore
  • Headquartered in the greater Boston area


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